Tips and Tricks on how to Play Dinner Winner!

Tips and Tricks on how to Play Dinner Winner!

Thank you for purchasing Dinner Winner!  I am beyond excited for you and your family to gain back control of the dinner table!  Dinner Winner is a simple process that produces results!  Here are the best tips and tricks to implementing Dinner Winner into your dinner routine!

  • Step 1: Read the Dinner Winner book with your family.

    • The first step is the easiest!  Just sit down with your family and read the Dinner Winner!  The point of this story is to show the process and build excitement around the Dinner Winner Trophy.  Once you finish reading the story, reveal your very own Dinner Winner trophy! At this point you can ask if they want to play Dinner Winner that night!  I’ve yet to see kids not want to play Dinner Winner after seeing the trophy, so hopefully that remains the case!
  • Step 2:  Discussing what is important for your family at dinner. (Click for more info)

    • The beauty of Dinner Winner is a lot of the process is subjective and left to each parent to decide how they will play and judge.  For instance, some families might prefer the kids sit down at the table and wait to be served food, while others might prefer their kids to set the table or serve themselves.  This is an important step to identify the important aspects of your ideal Dinner experience and communicate that to your kids.
  • Step 3: Determining the Prize/Reward 

    • The winner will receive the trophy and get to take it to bed with them that night (Little kids definitely love that aspect).  Our oldest daughter Blaire (9) however doesn’t have the same level of excitement taking the trophy to bed.  So, for her, she prefers the reward aspect.  We leave ours pretty open and let them choose, (10 minutes of extra screen time, stay up later, first choice of the desert, extra chocolate etc.). Choose rewards that fits your family and your children!
  • Step 4:  Dinner Time:  

    • At the beginning of Dinner, I like to take the trophy and set it in the middle of the table and announce, “Ladies and Gentlemen!  The Dinner Winner competition has officially begun!”  This lets everyone know the contest has officially began.  I like doing this method because even on nights when we weren’t going to play, if I sense things going downhill, I’ll get up and grab the trophy.  The moment the trophy is set on the table the kids know instantly it’s game time!  Their behavior changes almost immediately!  After the completion of this step, you must choose your champion.  Here are some helpful hints for how we judge, but you can set your own rules!
  • Step 5:  The Awards Ceremony!! 

    • This is the most important and exciting step in the process. (These are always a hit on social media if you want to share your announcements with us!)  I like to use my best Boxing Announcer or WWE voice to belt out, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to tonight’s DINNNNNNER WINNNNER!”  At this point I like to make it fun and comment a couple things that happened at Dinner that night.  For instance, “It was a really close match tonight, minus little NuNu throwing his food on the floor… but overall I’m very pleased with everyone’s performance! 
    • At this point, you can either announce the one winner, or we like to rank everyone, so their name gets called and they know where the fell.   The announcement always begins with a drumroll.  This is a crucial step to get the kids excited and build anticipation.   “Tonight’s Dinner winner is…. Drum roll please!”   “BLAAAAAKEEEE EADDDIEEE!”  
    • Everyone claps for the winner, the Dinner Winner Trophy is passed out and this will conclude Dinner Winner for that night.
  • Step 6 - The Aftermath

    • After the exciting awards ceremony, you will have a range of emotions early on.  Don't be surprised to see some disappointment.  This is one of the most important skills Dinner Winner teaches.  It is okay to be upset or disappointed, but you cannot be a sore loser.  This gives you as the parent a moment to pull that kid aside and talk about the things they could have done better to give them a chance to win the next night!   You can read more about handling the disappointed kids and coaching them up HERE.  

As we continue, we will leave more helpful tips and tricks for how we play Dinner Winner and best practices.  Please feel free to use the comment section below so we can address your questions and concerns/ ideas better! 

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Ours came in the mail today and my 8 yr old is super excited to try to be the Dinner Winner tomorrow!

Angela Findley

We got our package today and there is one excited 7 yr old in my house!! Awesome book!

Jen Michrina

I am 20 and still want to play dinner winner! I love you guys!

jenny dmytryshyn

Look at all these comments :) 😂

Jason Eadie

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