Step 5: The Awards Ceremony!

Step 5: The Awards Ceremony!

This is the most exciting part of the Dinner Winner process!  It's super important to make this as fun and exciting as possible!  This announcement and suspense is what the kids will look forward to most!

Our typical Announcement goes something like this:

  • Introduction
    • I like to use my best Boxing Announcer or WWE voice to belt out, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to tonight’s DINNNNNNER WINNNNER!” 
  • At this point I like to make it fun and comment a couple things that happened at Dinner that night. 
    • For instance, “It was a really close match tonight, minus little NuNu throwing his food on the floor… but overall I’m very pleased with everyone’s performance! 
  • The Drumroll
    • Having everyone at the table do a drumroll when announcing the names is definitely a key piece to making it exciting.  Kids of all ages love to do this and it really adds an extra level of excitement!
  • Announcing the Winners (we have 2 versions)
    • The Solo Champ Announcement:
      • “Tonight’s Dinner winner is…. Drum roll please!”  Wait for the suspense to build while everyone is drumming on the table. “BLAAAAAKEEEE EADDDIEEE!”  
      • Everyone claps for the winner, the Dinner Winner Trophy is passed out and this will conclude Dinner Winner for that night.
    • The Rank Method
      • We use this when it's close and everyone gets to hear their name called.
      • "In fourth place tonight we have... drum roll please....BLAKE EADIE"  In Third place tonight is... drum roll please... BRYYYSON EAAAADIE!"  
      • "That means tonight's Dinner Winner is between Blaire Eadie and Brooklyn Eadie!"  "Tonight's Dinner Winner is.... Drum roll please...  suspense builds and grows... BLAIRE EADIE!!!!"

These celebrations and announcements are really fun.  I highly encourage you to record the announcement and share it with us on social media @the.Dinner.Winner where you can become the Dinner Winner of the week!  Pictures of proud champions with their trophy is also amazing to see!  Tag us!

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