What is the Dinner Winner?

A brief history:

I was sitting at our family dinner table in 2018 when the idea hit me. My children (just Blaire and Brooklyn) at the time weren't behaving very well and I announced to the table, "Who wants to play Dinner Winner?"

My eldest daughter Blaire immediately looked up and asked what Dinner Winner was. Thinking on the spot, I announced that the Dinner Winner would be the kid who had the best manners at dinner, ate their food and participated in our conversations.

At the conclusion of dinner that night I stood up and proclaimed (in my best Prize Fight announcer voice) "Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME TO TONIGHT'S DINNNNER WINNNER!"

Blaire and Brooklyn both got excited with this announcement. I continued, "It was a hard fought battle tonight, but there can only be ONE Dinner Winner... Drum roll please..."

The kids started banging on the table as if playing the drums.

I proceeded with the exciting announcement, "Tonight's Dinner Winner is.... BLAIRE EADIE!" Blaire's face lit up with excitement that she had just won Dinner Winner! Did I just find a parent hack?

Fast forward to the next night, before dinner began, Blaire asked if we could play Dinner Winner again. That night Blaire and Brooklyn were on their BEST behavior and it was obvious they both wanted to win.

This was the moment that I realized Dinner Winner actually works.

Let's Play Dinner Winner!
  • Why It Works

    "Dinner was always a struggle to get our kids to finish their meals. Dinner Winner was introduced to us and it changed everything. Our kids' competitive nature took over and they were determined to be declared that night's Dinner Winner.

    - Josh and Ashley Sillies -

  • The Dinner Winner

    Whether you’re eating at home, dining out, or having dinner with friends, your kid's behavior will generally dictate your level of enjoyment for that meal. Dinner Winner is a useful tool to break out on those nights where you just know, it's not going to be good.

  • The Eadie Family

    "That family from TikTok"

    You may know us from some of our social media channels, but if you don't, welcome! My name is Jason and I've been married to my beautiful wife Stefanie since 2009. We have four amazing kids together (Blaire -8, Brooklyn -4, Blake -3, Bryson -2). We currently reside in South Florida.