What is Dinner Winner?

Discover the secret to harmonious family dinners with "The Dinner Winner" – a time-tested tradition from the Eadie family, now available to transform your mealtimes too! Unveil the complete experience with our captivating boxed set, designed to elevate your family dinners into memorable moments of joy and connection.

Immerse yourself in a delightful narrative accompanied by enchanting illustrations that bring the beloved Eadie family to life. Join Jason, Stefanie, Blaire, Brooklyn, Blake, and Bryson, affectionately known as NuNu, as they navigate the world of dinner etiquette in a heartwarming tale that resonates with parents and children alike.

Whether you're seeking a guide to manage lively youngsters during dinner or craving an engaging children's book that sparks laughter and learning, "The Dinner Winner" delivers it all.

Inside this thoughtfully curated set, you'll find:
- The captivating "Dinner Winner" book, overflowing with wisdom and charm.
- The prestigious "Dinner Winner" trophy, adding a touch of excitement to every meal.
- Step-by-step instructions for the "Dinner Winner" challenge, ensuring endless hours of family fun.

Elevate your family dinners and create cherished memories with "The Dinner Winner." Order now to unlock a new level of dinner enjoyment for everyone at the table!

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The Greatest Parent Hack Ever

The Dinner Winner game simply produces results. Your children will become the best behaved kids you've ever seen while playing Dinner Winner at dinner so they become the Dinner Winner that night. No more picky eaters, no more ipads, no more toys or tantrums... Dinner Winner flat out works. It's like magic!

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