The Judging Process

The Judging Process


Congratulations on making it this far!  The judging process is probably the most variable process.  I'm going to use my family to best describe how we typically judge because we use a sliding scale based on usual performance.  There are no points/ or process to become Dinner Winner.  It's subjective to the parents!

Our Children:

  • Blaire (9 years old) - Very well behaved and mature girl.  Blaire is normally very polite and helpful with her siblings.  She loves to win, but also loves to celebrate when her younger siblings win.
  • Brooklyn (4.5 years old) - Brooklyn is a competitor.  She does not like to lose at anything and takes competition extremely serious.  Brooklyn is normally quite good at dinner, but sometimes gets a little loud and crazy.
  • Blake (3 years old) - Blake is our firecracker in the house.  He's a true character and you never know what you will get from him.  He's shifty, meaning one minute he can be asking you about your day, and the next he's crawling on the floor messing with his siblings.  You never know what you'll get with him.
  • Bryson aka NuNu (2 years old) - Bryson is the baby of the family and is typically a happy kid.  He goes with the flow and loves the Dinner Winner Trophy.  NuNu doesn't fully comprehend the process of Dinner Winner, but definitely knows when we are playing.  He behaves like a typical 2 year old at the dinner table.

How we Judge:

  • I feel like it was important to describe the kids so you had a better understanding of our process.  If all kids were graded on the same scale, Blaire would win every single night.  This is where knowing their baseline and their typical performance comes into play.
  • Let's say it's a typical night and everyone is behaving like usual except for Blake.  Tonight Blake is very engaged in conversation, he's eating his food and being polite.  He had an incredible dinner for him.   We would look at that and say, okay Blake performed far better than usual, he needs to be rewarded for that effort assuming he outperformed is usual more than anyone else.  Therefore Blake would be the winner (even if Blaire was technically better that night, but not much better than she normally is)
  • The scale is different for each kid and their typical behavior.  Generally a winner emerges and Stefanie and I can tell without having to discuss.
  • We do have ties some night for first, second or even last.  Both kids would get the reward/ bonus for winning.

Fun Bonus Rule:  We also added a house rule that stands every time we play.  If we have a 4 way tie (meaning all 4 kids were great during dinner and nobody had any mishaps) they automatically earned themselves a trip to the ice cream shop.  They've only achieved this special status 2 times in the history of us playing LOL.


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You guys did a great job on the book! The cartoons are so cute. Good luck with this new endeavour:)

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