Step 6: The Aftermath...

Step 6: The Aftermath...

It is perfectly normal to see some disappointment for those who don't win!  That is part of the process!  Kids that don't win can show signs of being sad or disappointed.  It's in these moments you can have a talk with them about what they could have done better or areas to focus for the next time. 

The beauty of this method is you can see drastic improvements from one night to the next!  Take the below video of Brooklyn.  She didn't win the first night, then the very next night she fixed all the things that led her to not win the night before.  You can see the excitement on her face for winning!  This process works great, you just need to trust the process! 

See below Tiktok showing the disappointment one night, followed by the excitement and anticpation the next night. She learned from her mistakes and was the Dinner Winner Champion!

@4kidscallmedad Reply to @itsrob00 ♬ original sound - Jason B. Eadie


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